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Battery Controller

This battery control module, features automatic charging, automatic power off, suitable for storage batteries and lithium batteries. Parameters is adjustable and can be saved in memory after power failure.

Control Voltage: 10V-60V
Control Current: 30A
Control accuracy: 0.1V
Voltage Deviation: ±0.1V
Application: storage batteries and lithium batteries
Size: Approx. 9.5*6*3.3cm / 3.7*2.3*1.2inch
Weight: 110g

Product settings:
For example:
Take 12V battery for example.
Press S 1 key until the digital tube flash to set the over-voltage is 14.4V. Press S 2 key until the digital tube flash to set the under-voltage is 10.5V. When the battery is below 10.5V, the load should be disconnected after 6 seconds delay. If the battery voltage is restored to more than 10.5V in 6 seconds, the load will continue to work and the delay will be operated not properly due to the fluctuation of the battery voltage when the large current load is started. When the load is disconnected, the module is connected to the charger, and the load stops charging when the load is up to 14.4V.
When the under-voltage value cannot be increased, adjust the over-voltage value first.
At normal electricity mode, Press and hold S 1 and S 2 button till the digital tube display 888, then the original factory settings is completed successfully.

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